Introducing SafeCity:

Vumacam is proud to launch the SafeCity Initiative that brings together private and public law enforcement and the power of CCTV to tackle crime from a holistic, city-wide perspective.

CCTV works and it is time to grow the network, close the gaps where criminals can hide while helping protect those that cannot afford to protect themselves.

SafeCity is a collective effort and is supported by public law enforcement, the private security industry and the communities they serve.

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If you offer security armed response, community policing or guarding services, we offer solutions that balance manpower and technology, protect assets, and ensure employee safety for your customers all while keeping costs in check. Our full system integration approach takes the hassle out of managing multiple security systems and streamlines operations to unlock ever decreasing margins. Contact us to discover how we can customise a solution for you.

Stay Connected, Stay Safe

Speak to your security provider about SafeCity.
If they’re not yet a partner, we’re eager to bring them on board.

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Become a part of the SafeCity revolution.

Our growing list of partners:

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