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We’re deploying the ultimate CCTV solution across every suburb to keep your streets, property and home safer.

About us

Vumacam has pioneered a shift in the move to securing people, homes, businesses and public spaces.

Our mission is to create environments where safety and peace of mind thrive. We leverage advanced technologies to secure communities and businesses, always with respect for privacy and individual rights.

Our Proof platform, the only way in which control rooms can view the Vumacam SafeCity Public space feeds, enhances situational awareness, helping security better protect private properties, residential and commercial areas, and assisting public law enforcement in protecting public assets and critical infrastructure.

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Who is Vumacam?

The Feed Journey

The Network Effect

Our Vision

Think innovation,
think Vumacam

Vumacam’s vision is simple: to make South Africa a safer place through the power of video and technology.

As a result of our ongoing commitment to innovation in this sector, we are the only provider of a single connected network of CCTV infrastructure, constructing not just the platform to manage and view incoming video in real time, but also the physical infrastructure of poles and camera network.

Our ‘single pane of glass’ approach brings control rooms to life, managing alerts from multiple disparate systems and offering peace of mind amidst the chaos.

Our automatic dispatch and nearest vehicle first technology ensure rapid, efficient responses, while our platform connects our vetted security partners with SAPS in real time – a pioneering feat in the industry.


The future of CCTV video monitoring is here.

Our Proof platform brings together video verification, logged data, protocol enforcement, and more in one centralised view. Cloud-based, with advanced analytics and real-time viewing capabilities, Proof is designed to be the de facto standard for every control room.

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Welcome to the
evolution of safety.

Partnering with public and private sectors, we work to address city wide safety concerns through our SafeCity Initiative. By improving public safety infrastructure and promoting efficient resource allocation, we help create safer, more secure communities for commuters as they travel across the city.

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