Introducing Proof

Our Comprehensive
Security Platform

To fully harness the potential of Vumacam’s extensive CCTV infrastructure, our developers have built Proof, a multi-faceted platform designed to become the de-facto standard in security control rooms.

This ambitious platform caters to not only the security industry but also government law enforcement agencies, the insurance industry, and private businesses. Vumacam’s sophisticated system architecture empowers intelligent video analytics, customisable to ensure site-specific outcomes. Proof’s centralised video management solution is securely hosted in a Tier-3 data centre, backed by Vumacam’s expert technical and IT support team.

Proof serves as a unified security platform that grants users access to our ever-expanding public space smart camera network and single or multiple private sites. Cameras can be monitored, managed, and recorded via independent third-party operators. Our platform generates specific, escalated alerts that are sent via the cloud to the E2 Fusion Centre, which liaises directly with the South African Police (SAPS) command centre for backup when needed.

In partnership with the Eyes & Ears Initiative, an official joint crime-fighting venture between SAPS, Business Against Crime South Africa (BACSA), and the Private Security Industry (PSI), Vumacam’s platform and infrastructure network contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of CCTV security while supporting South Africa’s future socio-economic success.

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Leveraging Technology to Enhance
Security Operations

Proof is a game-changer in helping security partners optimize and future-proof their operations as crime evolves.

It offers a centralised security platform that enables single or multiple sites to be monitored, managed, and recorded via a unified interface through independent third-party operators.

Control room operators receive a 360-degree view of security and surveillance that mitigates risk, improves operational efficiency, and supports rapid, informed incident response.

With the option to access Vumacam’s Public Space CCTV Infrastructure, users gain increased area awareness and forewarning of suspicious vehicles, intercepting them before they commit crimes. This is achieved through the Proof Vehicle of Interest (VOI) feature that flags vehicles linked to previous crimes or suspected criminal activity entering an area.

Key Features of the Proof Platform

Centralised View

Unify data inputs from various site-based systems like emergency alarms, sensors, analytics, perimeter detection, and access control, pairing this information with GIS mapping and video footage from multiple cameras.

SLA Management

Monitor security-related activity, alert response times, and incident management reports across multiple regions and sites to measure service deliverables and SLA management reporting.

Centralised Security Oversight

Offer 24/7 access to camera footage for security responders, while central command manages overarching camera, access, and alarm management and reporting.

Uptime & System Stability

Constantly monitor system reliability to reduce downtime and provide an ultra-reliable solution for critical security, process control, and alarm receiving centre environments.

Video Verification & Data

Identify false alarms, optimize deployment, and provide comprehensive, authenticated audit trails in line with industry regulations.

Nearest Vehicle First

Integrate with “Nearest vehicle first” technology to ensure the nearest security patrol vehicle in the area is dispatched to investigate suspected criminal activity, significantly reducing response times.

Protocol Enforcement

Customise Proof to support protocol enforcement and ensure consistent decision-making for both manned and unmanned sites by creating a database of rules.

Data at your fingertips

Access a wealth of data quickly and easily, identifying critical information and taking action with Proof’s powerful and intuitive software features.

Experience the future of security with Proof, Vumacam’s comprehensive platform, and join the movement to create a safer, more prosperous South Africa.