How will I know when the cameras in my area are not working?

Vumacam will alert your service provIder to any issues that will impact feed, and let them know once the problem has been rectified.

Does Vumacam guarantee uptime?

Yes minimum of 96% uptime is contracted to with penalties for downtime beyond this, unless the issue is beyond our control (load shedding, power outages, force majeure, etc)

Is there an SLA that governs the service?

Yes, Vumacam contracts to 96% uptime and a turnaround time for fixes to ensure this.

How would I know monthly what the performance is, and how you are scaning to SLA?

Vumacam will notify clients of any downtime so they don’t only find out when an incident occurs that the camera is not working.  Further clients receive monthly uptime reports detailing any reasons that have had an impact on the uptime.

Is there extra cost involved in repairing/replacing faulty/broken equipment?

No there is no extra cost, Vumacam will always have replacement stock on hand.  We also have dedicated maintenance teams which prevents a time delay to repair (reduces time ordinarily required for ordering extra stock, reconfiguring, resuming service)

Is the solution insured?

Yes, full public liability insurance for injuries and insurance on all infrastructure equipment.

Does your Licence Plate Recognition camera solution have a vast network of cameras and connect to verified databases of Vehicles of Interest (VOI)?

Yes, Our LPR functionality is integrated with multiple databases, across an extensive network, allowing insight into vehicles of interest across the entire network.  Just because an incident doesn’t happen in front of your cameras doesn’t mean you won’t be notified. Further if an incident happens in your area, it will alert other areas when that vehicle enters.

Is the CCTV data secure?

Data is securely stored in a Tier3 data centre, which is accessed by a secure connection. This ensures it is not subject to interference and not at risk of local disturbance (e.g. on-site recording equipment being stolen, broken)

Are you compliant with CCTV regulations and privacy controls?

Vumacam ensures strict compliance and adherence to regulations and privacy concerns, policies are available for download from the compliance section on our website.

How do you ensure consistent, reliable feed with no interruptions?

Our solution runs on any fibre connection, this ensures consistent, reliable feed with no interruptions and excellent bandwidth. The result is efficient throughput and dependable service, specifically for your chosen analytics software to run optimally.

How is the feed presented?

Vumacam invested many hours of research and development to create the best managed and monitored server environment, with a world leading video management system (Milestone) which integrates with chosen analytics software all in one view (no need to move from system to system).

Can the footage be used in criminal investigations?

CCTV footage is forensic material. Milestone has built-in functions for encryption, strong password protection and immutable timestamping. This ensures that evidence can be viewed only by authorised viewers, as well as proof that the video has not been altered or manipulated while in transit.

How do you know when a device is not working?

Vumacam monitors all devices on the network, and has an automated alert system that notifies the support team as soon as a device is offline. Further there are sensors in the domes on each pole, which allows the team to be alerted when power is down, or when a temperature change will impact the outcome.

If power to a pole goes down or there is a network interruption, what happens to the footage?

Vumacam has a battery backup in the domes on poles, which will last for ~8 hours.  The team will be notified when the power goes down and have a chance to rectify the problem before the battery runs out.  In addition if there is a network interruption, there are SD cards in the cameras that will store footage for a short period of time.

How do you keep abreast of technology advances?

Vumacam is continually determining optimal specifications AND fine tuning model and solution. Our experienced team is always searching for new and exciting ideas.  Vumacam is currently dabbling in the IoT space by creating solutions that will better identify and address crime patterns.

Will there be extra cost for technology upgrades?

As technology advances you want your solution to keep up to date, and not have to incur extra cost to keep abreast. There are no extra charges for upgrades.

Is there a hefty capital outlay? Will I have the headache of raising capital, owning equipment, maintaining kit, ensuring I have extra cash on hand to pay for replacement cost?

No! there is a monthly cost for access to the feed, you essentially get a ‘Porsche’ solution at a ‘Polo’ price.

General enquiries


What information is being collected?

Video footage and pictures of individuals, vehicles and license plates are captured by the CCTV surveillance network.

Does CCTV surveillance footage amount to Personal Information in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act No. 4 of 2013 (the “Act”)?

Yes, capturing such information as CCTV surveillance footage falls under the definition of Personal Information in terms of the Act, as recording or capturing of video footage of the public is considered ‘Processing’ of ‘Personal Information’.

Why is my Personal Information collected?

Your Personal Information is collected for security purposes, specifically for the identification of individuals and/or vehicles for the purposes of proactive and reactive law enforcement.

Is it legal to collect my personal information without my consent?

The Act provides that your Personal Information may be collected for a clearly defined and specific purpose (i.e. security purposes). We have posted signage that clearly states that CCTV surveillance footage is being collected for security purposes in certain areas. In these circumstances, the law makes an exception to collect your Personal Information without your consent, so long as certain safeguards and protections are put in place to ensure the security of such Personal Information and that such Personal Information is only used for lawful purposes.

Will my personal information be disclosed to third parties?

Your personal information may be made available to third party security organisations without your knowledge and consent, but only for security purposes. Personal information will never be distributed for other purposes such as entertainment, social media or general enquiries, in the absence of a specific purpose recognised by the Act. Personal Information will therefore only be disclosed if the law allows or requires.

How and where is personal information stored?

Your Personal Information is stored by us as required by the Act. Specifically, all Personal Information is stored subject to acceptable security measures established and designed to safeguard against unauthorised access, loss, destruction, and/or damage by, or dissemination to, unauthorised third parties. All third parties which request access to your Personal Information for security purposes are subject to the same safeguard requirements and penalties for unlawful use contained in the Act.

How can I access my personal information?

You are entitled to contact us to enquire whether we are in possession of your personal information and to verify the authenticity of such information. A fee may be payable, as required by law, to access such information stored by us, once we have verified that your Personal Information has been captured.

How do I lodge a complaint?

You may contact the Information Regulator to lodge a complaint against us. (Tel: 012 406 4818; Fax: 086 500 3351; Email:

Privacy and compliance


We’re serious about protecting the privacy of our customers and fellow citizens. Being maintained centrally on an ultra-secure server infrastructure, our footage is safe from prying eyes and unauthorised access. Download policies to learn more.


CCTV footage is forensic material. Milestone has built-in functions for encryption, strong password protection and immutable timestamping. This ensures that evidence can be viewed only by authorised viewers, as well as proof that the video has not been altered or manipulated while in transit.