Vumacams Help Arrest Murder, Robbery and Fraud Suspects

28th February 2020 ,

Over the period of only one week, CCTV alerts from Vumacams into the AI Surveillance control room lead to the arrest of 7 suspects wanted in three separate cases of murder, fraud and robbery.

A murder suspect was in fact arrested only minutes after shooting 3 bystanders, killing one innocent victim at the scene and critically injuring two others. Vumacams were also instrumental in assisting with the interception and arrest of a suspect wanted for fraud and in another incident, 5 suspects wanted for business robberies in Edenvale and Clearwater Mall were handed over to the SAPS.

Rob Nichol CEO AI Surveillance expands, “Our company is one of Vumacam’s clients who makes use of the smart network infrastructure. These alerts have been instrumental to successful arrests by the JMPD over the last few months whom we always ensure receive these alerts.

AI Surveillance (AIS) is a specialist offsite CCTV monitoring service that optimises our client’s on-the-ground guarding and armed response teams by increasing efficiencies and proactive policing tactics dramatically. The Vumacams have proven themselves to be invaluable for never-before-seen response times resulting in successful apprehensions.”

Each alert that is flagged and escalated is followed up by an Incident report by our Operations Team which provides us with invaluable insights as to how each incident played out from alert to interception.

Incident Reports: 20 February to 27 February 2020

The arrest of Murder Suspect – Doornfontein Precinct

On the 27th of February at 15H28, the AIS control room was alerted to a person running and contacted the Doornfontein Precinct’s onsite guards while monitoring his behaviour. The guards informed the controller there had been a shooting at a nearby mall and requested AIS arrange backup as the suspect was armed. The Controller immediately contacted SAPS and JMPD undercover units for assistance. The security officers located the suspect and detained him until the SAPS and JMPD undercover units arrived at the scene. On their arrival, the suspect was immediately placed under arrested and the firearm recovered.
It was soon discovered that the suspect had in fact been running away from a robbery scene and had shot three bystanders, one was shot dead and two were critically injured and taken to hospital. The suspect was detained by the police.

Arrest for Fraud via License Plate Camera – Doornfontein Precinct

On the 25th of January at 20:40 the SAPS Undercover Unit got information from AIS control that a black Mercedes Benz, wanted in a suspected case of fraud, was spotted via the License Plate Cameras at End and Noord Street.
The vehicle was involved in an initial incident on the 13th of February at BP Mooi Street. An armed response vehicle was dispatched to the location and found the vehicle parked with no occupants. The vehicle was then monitored by security nearby for approximately 10 minutes before the suspect returned and entered the vehicle. As the suspect attempted to drive away the vehicle was tactically stopped. The suspect was searched, arrested and taken to Johannesburg Central SAPS where he was detained and charged with fraud. The vehicle was impounded and taken for further investigation.

Arrest for Robbery via License Plate Camera – Doornfontein Precinct

On Monday the 24th of February 2020 at 16h00, the SAPS Undercover Unit received information from AIS about the jewellery gang at a discount food store on Rocky Street. While the suspicious vehicle initially disappeared out of camera range, an alert was again received on the Licence Plate Camera at the corner of Claim and De Villiers. On arrival at the scene the vehicle was not occupied, however, the SAPS members continued to monitor the vehicle. At 17H05 the suspects returned to the vehicle, allowing the SAPS members to tactically approached the suspects. The five suspects were arrested for business robbery in Edenvale and Clearwater Mall and detained at SAPS JHB Central Station.