Vumacam Technology Enables Joint Response & Arrest Of Dangerous Suspects

Vumacam technology enables joint response from SAPS Flying Squad, private security companies and JMPD to intercept dangerous suspects

On Tuesday, 7 July four armed suspects were arrested on William Nicol Drive after an extensive high-speed car chase that started in the Johannesburg CBD.

SAPS Flying Squad spotted a suspicious vehicle with four occupants in Johannesburg CBD and began pursuit of the vehicle, which unfortunately managed to evade the SAPS unit. SAPS immediately contacted off-site monitoring firm AI Surveillance (AIS) to keep a lookout for the vehicle. The AIS team quickly added the vehicle details to the vehicle of interest (VOI) database. Shortly afterward, the vehicle triggered an alert on a Vumacam in Rosebank. The alert was then automatically sent in real time to SAPS and JMPD as well as all private security companies signed up to the Vumacam network. These responders then began a high-speed chase of the vehicle.

The chase was made difficult by traffic and caution had to be exercised for the sake of civilian safety. Seeing the direction of the vehicle, SAPS put out an alert to the Fourways Joint Operations Centre which mobilised various security companies and police units in the surrounding areas to be on standby to intercept.

Responders were kept informed as the Vumacam Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras sent alerts every time the vehicle passed the cameras.

At that point the SAPS Flying Squad chase was joined by 24/7 Security, Nationwide Team, Fidelity ADT Tactical Response (who also launched the helicopter to provide air support), Stryker Security, Captain Rob Bygrave, JMPD and the Fourways Joint Operations Centre, (an initiative of Future City Fourways), all in pursuit. These responders eventually converged on the vehicle on William Nicol Drive and the suspects were cornered, arrested and their fireams seized.

Vumacam CEO Ricky Croock says: “The arrests made highlight the immense importance of Vumacam’s advanced technology in the fight against South Africa’s serious violent crime epidemic. The network effect provided by our cameras across the Johannesburg metro area is an invaluable safety net which enables our partners to deploy their resources in an effective, targeted manner. If our cameras had not been there, the culprits would have evaded the responders and gone off the grid.”

Croock says: “Our platform enabled a highly effective and coordinated response from SAPS, AI Surveillance and 24/7 and other security companies – together with the Fourways Joint Operations Centre- to secure a positive outcome. We look forward to seeing law enforcement’s continued successes from our growing network as we enhance our tech support offering to assist them to make South Africa’s cities safer.”

Jean Berdou, Leader of the Fourways Joint Operations Centre, says: “We are delighted with the highly-effective Vumacam LPRs working together with all our integrated area response teams, SAPS Flying Squad and the JMPD. Fourways Joint Operations Centre is proudly associated with Vumacam and we will work together to make our precincts
safer for all.”
Image Courtesy Of Fidelity Airwing