Vumacam Alerts Help SAPS Arrest Sandton Cell Phone Thieves

11th April 2020 , , ,

Cell phone thieves that have been terrorising the Sandton area for some time, were arrested in less than 20 hours after a lookout alert was issued by the Sandton CPF.

AI Surveillance (AIS), who oversee CCTV security monitoring in the Sandton and Doornfontein area received the lookout alert from the Sandton CPF at 13:17 on the 6th April. As the request was accompanied by a case number the vehicle information was loaded onto the AIS Vehicle of Interest (VOI) Database.

Later the same day in Doornfontein, at 17:48 the Vumacam LPR system generated an alert from the cameras at End Street and Rocky Street for the wanted vehicle. The vehicle, however, left the area only minutes before SAPS or JMPD could arrive. The lookout was provided to the SAPS and JMPD for the vehicle in question.

The AIS team did not have to wait long for another alert. The next morning at 09:16 on the 7th of April, the Vumacam system generated an LPR alert from the same camera at End and Rocky Street in Doornfontein for the wanted vehicle.

The AI Surveillance control room immediately dispatched the JMPD and SAPS undercover unit to the area.

At 09:22, the SAPS arrived and intercepted the vehicle and suspects. Both suspects (male and female) were taken to JHB Central Police Station for further investigations, while the vehicle in question was impounded.

The SAPS has since reported back to the AIS team that there are multiple cases linked to the vehicle which they are busy pulling together and that an additional case of bribery was laid against the male suspect, as he offered the arresting Officer cash to release both him and the vehicle.