Unusual Event Alert in Action

2nd December 2019

Take a look at the following real incident which was caught on private space cameras recently in Johannesburg. These private space cameras were erected in a high cellphone theft area utilising the same behavioural analytics software programme used by Vumacam clients.

In this instance, the unusual behaviour alert was noted. Should the Vumacams in the area have been fully live and connected, the following scenario would have taken place:

  • Due to the number of muggings and thefts on this street, the software will analyse all movement/imagery on the perimeter of the building. The system will then generate alerts based on unusual behaviour. These will either be dismissed by a system rule or delivered to an operator in real-time to dismiss or escalate.  The first alert is generated when an employee emerges into the frame near the sidewalk. Speaking on his cell phone – an operator would dismiss this as non-critical.
  • The second alert is quickly generated as a person starts to run towards the employee and steals his phone out of his hand. The system continues to alert throughout the assault, finally scaning the thief to the getaway vehicle.
  • Should the Vumacams have been up and running in the area, a monitoring company would have been able to retrieve the licence plate on the nearest Vumacam and add it to the vehicle of interest (VOI)  database in real-time.
  • The vehicle would be picked up as a vehicle of interest on any camera linked to the entire network across the city.
  • Real-time alerts would then be sent to all monitoring companies in the network just as the vehicle proceeded in its getaway
  • The nearest security vehicles would be dispatched to intercept the vehicle at its current or most recent location increasing the chance of interception
  • Should the victim have been harmed during the assault, the system would have alerted the monitoring company that could immediately send a vehicle to assist while calling emergency services.

This demonstrates a proactive response to crime rather than waiting for the criminals to strike again.