BIZNEWS Inside Covid-19: SA ends three month lockdown; Discovery’s Adrian Gore; Aspen on “wonder drug” dexamethasone. Ep 48

18th June 2020 ,

Episode 48 of Inside Covid-19 is highlighted by the effective ending of South Africa’s lockdown of almost three months. In an address to the nation this evening, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that previously closed business sectors such as sit down restaurants, hotels, hairdressers, spas and even cinemas and casinos will re-open soon, albeit with strict social distancing guidelines. Also coming up, we visit with Discovery CEO Adrian Gore and get the inside scan on excitement around the 80 year old drug Dexamethasone, produced by Durban-headquartered Aspen, after a 4,500 person Oxford University trial showed it delivered a 30% drop in mortalities among Covid-19 patients. There’s scary news out of South America which is now officially the world’s new coronavirus hotspot, we hear how restaurants which have opened elsewhere have had to adjust, and speak to Vumacam’s CEO Ricky Croock about the way criminals have adjusted to the new normal. – Alec Hogg

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