TECH CENTRAL VIDEO: Crime during Lockdown

23rd June 2020 , ,

Crime has accelerated dramatically since the end of level 4 of the national lockdown and is now easily as bad as it was before South Africa entered the lockdown in late March.

That’s according to Ricky Croock, CEO of Vumacam, the company building a CCTV network across Johannesburg, who was speaking on the TechCentral podcast on Tuesday.

Croock discusses the impact of the lockdown on crime levels — they fell so much that not a single incident occurred across Vumacam’s footprint for a period of weeks when South Africa first entered lockdown.

Unfortunately, the situation has quickly reversed. However, Croock said there are important lessons to be learnt from the lockdown to try to tackle the scourge of crime in future.

He provides an update on the Vumacam roll-out and which other cities it’s looking to expand to as well as how the company seeks to address the privacy concerns related to the deployment of its network.

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