City Power update

13th September 2019 , ,

Dear Resident/Customer,


Following on from our previous communication regarding the letter of demand City Power served to Vumacam, we have formally replied to this letter to say that we have a difference of opinion relating to the legal issues raised.

It is important to let you know that we have also subsequently met with the Chief Executive Officer of City Power, Mr Lerato Setshedi, and his team, in a very constructive spirit to work on solving the matters related to the supply of power to the camera poles.

Both parties have agreed to reserve their differing legal interpretations of the relevant legislation and regulations concerning the matter, pending the work of the duly appointed, joint technical, legal and commercial committee tasked with arriving at a solution.

This solution will also ultimately inform the power requirement process for CCTV roll outs in the City of Joburg to be captured in the City’s proposed CCTV policy and bylaws currently under development in respect of public space. This will ensure consistency across the board and avoid a multitude of disparate systems being installed and clarify any confusion or concern around what is officially permitted.

We will update residents on the progress of the committee on an ongoing basis as we work with City Power to arrive at a sustainable solution for all parties.

Yours in safety,

Ricky Croock