Apcan has a new tactical response force

17th August 2020

Apcan security have recently started their new TRF Unit which collects crime statistics, create profiles, does surveillance and arrest criminals.

Apcan security has taken fighting crime to a whole new level by establishing a Tactical Response Force (TRF) Unit.

On Saturday 15 August, they officially launched the new units with a meet and greet, and a security awareness programme at their offices on Voortrekker Road in Krugersdorp.

The TRF Unit is tasked with using their newly installed Vuma Cams to locate crime hot spots, do surveillance, create a profile and scan criminals on the Vuma Cams.

In the past month and a half that the unit has been operational, they have already made more than 25 arrests.

They use five vehicles and work closely with local police to ensure that repeat criminals in the area are being caught and brought to book.

Riaan Carelse, Apcan Regional and Reaction Sales Manager explained that within minutes of a vehicle passing their Vuma Cams, they can get a report to show if its licence plate could be connected to any crimes.

One example of this unit in action was a recent arrest made at a second-hand dealership.

On Thursday 13 August at about 8.30am the unit was alerted to a break-in on Hanekom Street in Whiteridge. The thieves stole a red oil welder, industrial bush cutter, cellphone, collectors movie prop swords, 10 gold watches and a collectors Star Trek watch.

With the information received from the scene and the help of the community they were able to catch one suspect who showed them where he had sold a sword. The team continued their investigation and later found the other two identified suspects as well. Unfortunately they did not have any stolen property with them.

Then on 14 August, the TRF unit, Florida Detectives and West Rand K9 Unit were working on the case and at about 11am they identified a second-hand car dealership in Newlands as having something to do with the crimes.


The owner of the dealership denied having any illegal or stolen items on his property, and granted the police and TRF unit permission to search the property.

During the search a red oil welder, leaf blower and industrial bush cutter were found in a hidden room.

The owner of the dealership and one employee were subsequently arrested by police for possession of suspected stolen goods and taken to the Florida Police Station where the equipment was positively identified as the goods stolen during the break-in.

Riaan explained that one does not have to be one of their clients to report crime to the TRF Unit, and that they are looking for any footage or information regarding crimes in Krugersdorp and Roodepoort.

Their unit will use this information to put together a profile and assist the police to follow up.

If you have any information you would like to share with the unit, you can email Riaan at Riaanc@apcan.co.za or send him a WhatsApp on 079 676 4355.

Source: Krugersdrop News