AI Surveillance Success Story

“Now that I am working with Vumacam, there is a distinct difference between life before and life after the arrival of Vumacam. Where Vumacam really filled the gap was in two instances: the exceptional uptime of the feed and the quality of the footage. Having been in the surveillance sector for some time, I can say with confidence that before Vumacam, footage was always missing. Often this was not for any sinister reason, but because cameras were down and no one would know about this until they needed footage.

Prior to Vumacam, I experienced regular instances where the connectivity was always poor; the  service would go down and we would have to wait for ‘someone’ to fix it. What the average person or corporation doesn’t quite understand is that uptime on other surveillance suppliers is not being measured and if it were being measured, in any given public space, the uptime would likely be well below the 80% mark. 

Vumacam has guaranteed a 96% uptime which is incredible and this has absolutely been the case consistently since I have worked with them. They have teams in place for every aspect of the surveillance system: from ensuring you get the fibre if it is not installed, to CCTV installation and maintenance teams; to the software engineers monitoring the servers. Vumacam offers everything you need from an intelligent, public space, CCTV surveillance aspect. They are the future of safer cities. 

A key aspect of surveillance is that I should be able to trust that I can get my hands on the footage should I need it. With Vumacam, I absolutely trust that I will. 

Due to Vumacam’s Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) software, we have had multiple successes in identifying cars involved with crime or suspicious activities and we have had armed response companies taking stolen vehicles off the road as a result – which is a major win for the city. 

Vumacam’s size and their knowledge of the industry have allowed them to work efficiently with the regulators of surveillance. They have taken on a big risk to make safer cities and have afforded us as monitoring and security companies access to public space surveillance sector – a task that would be too big to take on as individuals. 

I have worked with the system enough to know that Vumacam walks the talk and adheres to all the policies that they put into practice. There are no shortcuts with the team which should allay all the fears of consumers when it comes to concerns around their personal information or privacy. 

There cannot be a downside to having them. In the climate we live in, how could we say no to greater, more effective security. Security companies are now proactively dispatching units because of Vumacam without the major additional cost factor. It’s a win-win situation on all fronts”

Rob Nichol.

AI Surveillance